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Remso Control Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Uttapradesh, INDIA
Email id:remso2002@gmail.com/info@remso.com
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Contact Person:Mr. Rahul Ranjan
Deals in  Electric Arc Furnace ,Ladle Refining Furnace ,
Argon Oxygen Decarburization (AOD · Vacuum Degasser / Vacuum Arc Degassing / Vacuum Oxygen Degasser , Submerged Electric Arc furnace, DRI / Lime Feeding System, Continuous Casting Machine, Scrap / DRI Preheating System by using off-gases , Fume Extraction System,
Pneumatic Conveying System for Handling Dust, Charging, Stoking and Distribution Machine,
Slag Pot Car, Desulfurization Treatment Station ,Slag Raking Machine For Hot Metal Ladle,
Scrap Management System, Clam Shell Scrap Bucket & its Car With Weighing System,
Oxygen And Carbon Lance Manipulator , Carbon & Flux Injection system for EAF,
Temperature & Sampling Manipulator, Emergency Stirring Lance Manipulator for LRF,
Oxygen Lance Guide & Carriage System, Gunning Machine for EAF & Ladle,
Hot Metal Ladle up to 300MT, Hot Metal Ladle Transfer Cars upto 500 Ton, Transfer cum Tilting Car,
Ladle Teeming Car and Tapping Car,Transfer Car Cum Turn Table, Materials Handling Systems,
Cored Wire Feeding Machine,Metallurgy Cored Wire / Alloy Cord Wires,Slab Tilting Machine,
Plate Turn Over Device, Slab Lifting Tongs, Mechanical Tongs for bloom lifting ·
Ingot Turner Equipment, Special Purpose machine / Equipment , Grab Bucket, C Hook For HR Coil Lifting, MS Coil Tilter Mechanism, Self propelled Coil Transfer Car,Stand for Furnace Shell Handling,
Furnace Gantry for Roof Lifting & Swiveling , Furnace Shell & Furnace Cover lifting car, Converter Vessel, Ladle Turret, Hot Metal Ladle & Gear Ladle, Tundish, Tundish Stand & Tundish Car,
Ladle & Tundish (Pre-Heaters / Dryers) Station, Tundish Tilter , Segment Top Frame Turnover Device, Automatic Torch Cutting Machine, Movable Roller Table, Intermediate Rollers Table, Discharge Roller Table, Transfer Roller Table, Billet Turn Table, Run Out Table,Roller Apron Assembly ,
Segment Guide Rails, Withdrawal & Straightening Unit, Billet Storage Bank with Pusher , Water Cool Roof for LRF &EAF, Split shell with Tubular side panels, Tubular Elbow Connection ,
Wheel & Axle Assembly, Bucket Elevator etc.

Sathee Engineering Construction Company
Address:Putboor, P.O. Kollam – 691 507 Kerala India
Email id:kagopakumar.sidha@yahoo.in
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Mobile:+91-99474 87272 / +91-94470 07861
Contact Person:Dr. Gokulam Gopakumar
Deals in  Project Contractor for Blast Furnace, Sinter Plant, Pellet Plant, Beneficiation Plant etc.

Simech Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
Address:Simech Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
No.-5, 4th Floor, Kasi Arcade,
No.- 116, Thiyagaraya Road,
T. Nagar
Chennai- 600 017
Email id:simechengineers@yahoo.com/simonalloys@hotmail.com
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Contact Person:Mr. K. Simon- Managing Director
Deals in  Project Contractor,
Blast Furnace Top Equipment Errector
Blast Furnace Project Erector